Importing from agronomists

Your agronomist can send work plans from their Gatekeeper into your own, ready for you to use and complete.

Before an agronomist can send your work plans into your Gatekeeper, you must send them your exchange key so that they can link your Gatekeeper accounts.

Sending your Exchange Key to your agronomist

Your exchange key is a combination of letters and numbers in both upper and lower case. To find your exchange key:

  1. Go to the Setup module
  2. Select Businesses
  3. Select your business name.
  4. Highlight the exchange key from the ‘Edit Details’ section.

Copy your exchange key, and paste it into an email to send to your agronomist. We strongly recommend copy and pasting this key rather than reading it out to your agronomist to avoid errors.

Gatekeeper Advanced customers will need to repeat the process above for each business in their Gatekeeper.

Importing work plans from your agronomist

When an agronomist sends a work plan to your Gatekeeper, it will automatically appear as a notification in the top right hand corner of your screen. A red notification badge will be visible next to your avatar (the circle with your initials in). The number indicates the number of jobs waiting to be imported.

To import work plans:

  1. Select the avatar which has the red notification badge visible against it
  2. Select Import Recommendation

In the drawer that opens, you will be able to see the job(s) waiting to be imported. A green tick icon indicates that all the required data fields have matched, and the job is ready to be imported.

  1. To preview the job, if required: select the eye icon to process the preview, and then the clipboard icon which replaces the eye. The preview will open in a new tab and may be saved or printed as required.
  2. To import the job, select the box next to the job name which will create a tick.
  3. Select the tick in the bottom right

Imported work plans are visible in the jobs module, in the Draft column, where they can be identified by a green circle with an R in.


If you have any issues with importing a work plan, please see Issues when importing for further help.

For information on what details should be the same between your Gatekeeper and your agronomist’s system, please see Matching job details.