Adding a pesticide product

These instructions show the process to add a new plant protection product. Use these steps to add a registered pesticide or adjuvant. To add any other kind of product, including fertilisers and trace elements, see Adding a non-pesticide product. 

You can add a new product into your list from the Setup module, or from any product picker screen within Gatekeeper.

To add a new pesticide product:

  1. Select + New Product
  2. Select Pesticide
  3. Start typing the product name
  4. The list will populate with available chemicals matching your criteria, including their MAPP number. Identify the product you wish to add, and select the grey + icon. Any products which are visible but don’t have the + icon next to them are already in your product list.
  5. Select the tick to save and progress

A product drawer will open, and the product’s key information will be visible

  1. If required, add a default rate or product note by selecting the ‘Details’ section.
  2. If required, click into the ‘Price’ section to add a price for the current season.
  3. Select the tick to save and close.

For information on adding non-pesticide products, see Adding a non-pesticide product. 

For more information on product pricing, see Product Pricing.