Personnel – Adding and Editing

To add a Personnel Record

  1. Select the Setup icon from the sidebar
  2. Select the Personnel icon
  3. Select the New Personnel button in the top left hand corner of the Personnel homepage. The Personnel drawer will open.

Enter the below information:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email Address
  4. Role – Select the appropriate box that best describes the individual, a green tick will appear.
  5. Qualifications
  6. Address
  7. Town
  8. County – use the drop-down arrow to select the appropriate county
  9. Postcode
  10. Country – will be set by default based upon the information selected for the county
  11. Landline Phone Number
  12. Mobile Phone Number

To edit a Personnel Record

  • Personnel records can be edited at any time by selecting the Personnel record from within the Personnel homepage, updating the information, and then selecting the green tick, a tick will appear in the middle of the screen taking you back to the Personnel homepage If you wish to discard the changes you have made select the X icon, you will then be taken back to the Personnel homepage without the changes having been saved.