Field Details

  1. Select the Fields icon from the sidebar.
  2. Select the Field.
  3. Select anywhere in the Details

Enter the below information:

  1. Map Sheet / NG (National Grid) Number – Enter either the Map Sheet or NG number and then click anywhere on the screen, the field image will then load.

N.B The Map Sheet or NG (National Grid) Number is required for Bing (Mapping Software) to be able to locate the field’s aerial image. The Map sheet or NG number will be unique to the field’s location. NG Numbers can be obtained from your Rural Payments Agency (RPA) Maps.

  1. The field will appear in the top right hand corner of the screen. The map will be fully zoomed in on the field. To move around the map you can:
  • Use the Zoom buttons in the top left hand corner
  • Using a scroll button on a mouse, laptop or keyboard to zoom in and out.
  • Or clicking down on the map and moving your cursor will move your field around the screen.
  1. Soil Texture – select from the drop down-arrows
  2. Select the green tick in the top right hand corner of the box once all the details have been entered.

See: Field Boundaries and Markers