To Add a Field

  1. Select the Fields module
  2. Select + New Field

Enter the required information:

  1. Field name
  2. Farm
  3. Holding – a holding will be automatically picked based on the farm selected, but if your business has more than one holding, you may need to change this selection
  4. Full area (ha) – the total area of the field including any field margins etc.
  5. Workable area (ha) – The area of the field that is cropped. This may be the same figure as the full area if there are no grass margins, game cover etc. The actual cropped area for each season is added later, and may include whole or split fields – see Allocate a crop
  6. Select an NVZ region if applicable
  7. Confirm

If you are adding multiple fields, you may wish to tick the option ‘Add another’ after step 8. This will take you directly into another ‘New Field’ form after saving.

After saving, a drawer will appear, showing the details you have added. You can add further information about your field at this point, including the official field identifier and soil information.

To enter additional field information

From the field details screen:

  1. Select the field details section
  2. Enter a map sheet and NG number, or LPID number.
  3. Select a soil type
  4. Select a soil texture
  5. Select the tick to save

Continue to Allocate a crop to continue setting up the field.

For more information on adding a field boundary, see Allocate a boundary.