The fields module displays the fields that are present in Gatekeeper. Selecting a field will show you the information about that field in the season selected.

When field information is present, this module will display information on different tabs:

Details tab

The ‘Details’ section will show key information about the field, including name, area, and soil details. If a Map Sheet or LPID identifier have been entered, the field location will be shown. If a field boundary has been drawn, this will be displayed.

The ‘Cropping’ section shows the crops that have been added for the season. A field may have a single crop in a year, or may have multiple crops in one year. For example, a field may have a single crop of barley, or it may have its total area divided into two cropping areas, one of barley and one of game cover.

The ‘Previous Cropping’ section will show details of crops from previous years.

Jobs summary tab

Once jobs have been completed against a field, this tab will show a summary of all work carried out.

Nutrients tab

If fertiliser products have been applied, the nutrients tab will show nutrient supply in units of nutrient (e.g., kg of nitrogen) rather than units of product (e.g., kg of urea).

Samples tab

If soil sample information has been entered, it will be visible here. Samples are displayed in date order with the most recent first.

Margin tab

Products applied to a field and activities used on the field that have a cost attributed will be displayed on the margin tab.


For details on adding or editing fields, see Setup Fields

For details on allocating a crop, see Allocating Cropping