Cropping Planner

The Cropping Planner module (found within Fields) allows you to quickly and easily set up cropping for each season and provides an overview of cropping across different years.

You can copy selected cropping records from one season to another without having to enter each cropping record individually. For example you may like to copy all your woodland and stewardship areas to the following year and then move across all wheat fields, updating the cropping to oilseed rape as you do so.

Once your cropping has been set up crops may easily be changed and areas can be edited.  You can also filter cropping by farm,  year and by crop type. A field may have a single crop in a year, or may have multiple crops in one year. For example, a field may have a single crop of barley, or it may have its total area divided into two areas, one for barley and one for game cover.

Years are colour coded at the top as follows:

Cropping Summary
The Summaries tab to the right of the page provides an “at a glance” summary of cropping, by both area and percentage of the total cropping, for the season selected.

For details on adding or editing crops in the first year, see Allocating Cropping 

For details on using the Cropping Planner and editing cropping see Using the Cropping Planner.