Activities and equipment


Activities are tasks that are carried out on fields. They allow you to record a task taking place, and also to associate a cost with that task.

Examples of activities would include ploughing, spraying, and rolling.

Activities may be added from the Setup module, or added as jobs are created.

Activities can be given a unit price per hectare, and Advanced customers can give the same activity a different price for different businesses.

Activities are selected as you create a job, and you will also select one or more pieces of equipment for the job. As activities are the part of the job record that hold onto the pricing, you may wish to have more than one activity that you would use with the same equipment – for example, you may have a plough listed in equipment, but have two activities named ‘Ploughing – light land’ and ‘Ploughing – heavy land’, both with different costs.


Any pieces of machinery used to carry out a job are entered as equipment. Equipment is also selected as you create or record a job.


To add, edit, or view activity details, go to the Setup module and select Activities.

For more detailed help, see Setup Activities.

To add and edit equipment, go to the Setup module and select Equipment.

For more detailed help, see Setup Equipment