Harvest is here and so are we

Are you prepared for a digital harvest?

It’s that time of the year again… Harvest is here!

Accurate harvest data gives you the insight you need to better understand the performance of your yield, identify issues, adapt your plan, and put improvement plans in place.

  • More efficient and professional workflow with the creation of work plans that can be easily assigned to an operator
  • Set up field boundaries and guidance lines and import spatial data to visualise on a map
  • Understand your business and activity with a range of management reports, including gross margin reports
  • Compare the success of different crop varieties and verify your strategies – make the most profitable plans for the future
  • Gain immediate insight into yield performance and easily adapt your work plan to any changing conditions

More efficient workflows, from seed to sale

Gatekeeper offers unrivalled connectivity, enabling you to manage all of your cropping activities in one place.

  • Import or create workplans
  • Assign to operators
  • Update from the field
  • Keep track of vital health & safety, product and weather information
  • Collect all this information in one place

Keep on top of stock with flexible price & quantity management

Monitor stock & produce, record yields, sales and contracts, keep track of deliveries to and from the farm – quicker, safer and more conveniently than paper records

Peace of mind with Sentinel Active

An indispensable decision support tool providing detailed crop approval information and verification for all UK pesticides

  • Verify all of your proposed pesticide applications
  • Access crop approval information, including safe harvest dates
  • Find the right product for the job

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Yield mapping is becoming far more commonplace as more and more combines are fitted with yield monitors. However, there is a large gap between combines fitted with yield monitors and growers making good use of the data they produce.

Yield mapping tools can help you identify trends, areas for improvement and plan where to apply crop inputs to their maximum effect. Using mapping tools, data and your everyday crop records together will enable you to build a picture of overall crop performance and cost of production.

  • Accurate yield maps provide insight into crop performance, enabling analysis for this year and comparisons over many seasons.

  • Add to this the price per tonne and the financial situation starts to become clearer.

  • Take this further with breakeven maps and you can achieve tighter control over each field, analysing the detail to make more informed choices about in-field management.