Flock management software to suit you

If you’re using a basic spreadsheet or notebooks to record your flock records, now couldn’t be a better time to consider setting up your flock records using specialised flock management software.

lambHere at Farmplan we’ve listened to our customers and worked with organisations within the farming sector to ensure our software provides the best solution for you to keep your flock records organised and to make it easier for you to provide the information to meet your legislative requirements. Our Flock Manager program has been developed during 2015 and the latest release offers users an improved level of functionality to enable each farmer to use the software according to how they want to manage their flocks.

Sally Ashwell, Product Coordinator says, “Flock Manager now offers greater flexibility and improved legislative reporting as well as a range of other key updates to the functionality of the program to make it as straightforward to use as possible. Existing users will notice the homepage has been redesigned and alerts, notifications and last activity information are prominent, plus we’ve made adjustments to compatibility enabling more data to be brought into the software via an EID stick reader.”

Here are some other enhancements made to the 2015 release of Flock Manager:
• Simplified animal categories and opening numbers
• Home Page – overview of animal numbers by category/holding/year and lamb details by year
• Flock Inspector – view running totals of each category by year
• Movement options – redesigned to allow multiple entries in the same movement
• Stick Reader – allocate breed and category to a tag for future use, read and summarise slaughter tags by flock mark
• Animal Summary Report – total number of animals on any date by holding/year/breed
• Animal Movements Report- all movements from a particular date
• Reassign Breeds – to help you tidy up your breed records
• Treatments – ability to copy an existing treatment
• ARAMS (England) – notify movements electronically

If you are new to Flock Management Software and would like to find out more, call our sales team today to book your free, no obligation software demo on 01594 545000 or email sales@farmplan.co.uk