FieldView and Gatekeeper working together

Farmers, growers, agronomists, and advisors across the UK regularly use Gatekeeper as their trusted crop management tool. This new update will let those users who also utilise FieldView to collect real-time planting, application, and harvest data from their machinery and instantly sync this between the two systems.

“This integration will make a huge difference for many farms,” says Piers Costley, Managing Director at Farmplan. “We’re aware that growers want to use cutting-edge precision farming and crop optimisation to make the most of their data. The opportunity to integrate these solutions – and do so seamlessly – is an exciting prospect indeed.”

While this will naturally benefit growers in terms of everyday operation and resource management, the integration will also aid productivity and profitability on the farm. FieldView grants visibility and access to real-time data, including yields and moisture levels, at any particular moment to assist with short-term decision-making. By feeding that data into Gatekeeper, it becomes possible to make even better decisions for the long-term as well.

What will this new integration do for me?

  • Streamline data transfer between your machine and the office. Reduce data duplication, drive crop records and refine enhance management decisions from captured information.
  • Export Field boundaries from Gatekeeper to FieldView to drive recording and work from standardised data.
  • Import as-applied planting, application and harvest data directly from FieldView to complement and support your record keeping.

Who will be able to benefit from this new partnership?

Existing Gatekeeper Users

Existing FieldView Subscribers

Those using neither Gatekeeper or FieldView

Watch our webinar

On 11th November we welcomed over 50 delegates to a live webinar to showcase the new integration between FieldView and Gatekeeper. 

We were joined by Max Dafforn, Climate Activation Manager for Bayer and Ben Hatton, Key Account Manager for Farmplan, alongside Farmer Andrew Williamson, as they explored the functionality and benefits.

Enquire today contact Farmplan sales on 01594 545000 or email

Take a moment to find out more about this new integration with our FREE to use e-learning module.

This course is designed to familiarise users with the transfer of data between Gatekeeper and FieldView via the latest integration feature built into Gatekeeper. The course should last approx. 20 mins.

Please note – you will need to sign up to use the e-learning tool.

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Important Information:
Users will require a current FieldView subscription to benefit from this offer. Please speak with the FieldView Team on 01604 981696 to ensure you are set up. This will incur additional charges which are not administered by Farmplan. Full details will be provided by the FieldView Team.

If you are new to Gatekeeper or adding new precision modules to your package, please speak with Farmplan to discuss your integration requirements.