Farmplan: Investing in the future of crop management

Investing in the future of software development and crop record management is a key priority for UK-based software provider Farmplan.

Farmplan, the UK’s leading supplier of software specifically designed for the agricultural sector, have cemented their commitment to the agricultural community and business development by opening new offices in the heart of Norfolk. Farmplan, part of Proagrica, have been providing bespoke solutions to this market for over 45 years with their software used to manage over 2.3 million hectares of arable land and 1 million beef cattle.

Casper Niesink, Managing Director Proagrica farm solution, says, “Proagrica are dedicated to providing solutions that enable farmers, estate managers and rural business owners to confidently and efficiently manage their businesses in a way that works for them. Like we also do at Farmers Weekly by delivering actionable content; Farmplan is leading the way in this sector with continued investment in new products, exploring technological advances to positively impact farm management and working closely with customers to inform product development.”

Farmplan recently launched its new crop management solution — Gatekeeper Express Plus, the UK’s easiest-to-use crop recording solution — and are continuing to develop new tools, explore technologies and upgrade existing programmes to meet the changing needs of the agricultural sector.

The A11 between Norfolk and Cambridgeshire has seen a rapid increase in innovative agri-tech businesses in recent years; Farmplan’s new location situates itself right in the heart of what some have called the “Silicon fen for agriculture.”

The new office will act as a hub for development, software training and customer support, and a space that helps facilitate open communication and collaboration between team members.

Piers Costley, Director, added “Farmplan are delighted to open the doors to our new office here on the “Norwich-Cambridge corridor”. We have a significant customer base in this region and the Gatekeeper software development team is based here too. We are committed to continued investment in our products, the team and growing the business. Our new location in Norfolk will perfectly position us to meet the needs of our customers with even greater dedication.”