Our vision

We help farmers improve productivity, profitability

and sustainability whilst creating a better everyday

life for farmers

Our values

  • Confidence

    Farmplan empowers farmers to make decisions with assurance and clarity.

    Delivering software you can trust that’s built specifically for farmers from the ground up. Giving you complete control of your business, remaining fully compliant and staying one step ahead from a proactive rather than reactive approach.

  • Expertise

    Farmplan are the leading industry software specialists and understand your business demands like no other.

    With a proud heritage of over 45 years our unique blend of people, knowledge and technology have supported the needs of every farm, no matter the size or complexity. Software is our business and farmers are our focus. By having a deep-seated understanding of our customer and a first-rate level of expertise we help farms enhance visibility on business performance and connectivity of the entire supply chain.

  • Supportive

    Farmplan is with you every step of the way.

    We listen, empathise and respond when the going gets tough because we recognise our customers are our most precious asset. Unlike other software companies we have a dedicated farm-focused, UK based support team with a genuine interest in your business success.

  • Future-focused

    Farmplan ensures farmers are better equipped to succeed in an increasingly complex world.

    We develop our products to ensure that they are designed and delivered to fulfil the needs of our customers, now and into the future. We invest in technology and work hard to improve quantity and enhance solutions to help you grow your business.

  • Integrity

    Farmplan create greater opportunity through strong leadership.

    As part of Proagrica and RELX we are industry innovators with the skills and know-how to apply effective solutions to challenging tasks. By operating independently from the supply chain we deliver beyond customer expectations, acting with integrity to do the right thing by farmers in a way you can trust.