Exciting New changes to Earnie Payroll – Improving the Auto Enrolment Process

Our Earnie Payroll spring update was released in February, however there have been some further enhancements made to the software to improve Auto Enrolment and streamline other elements of the program.

Existing Payroll users can now download the update from our support centre.

Here’s a brief summary of some of the additional features:

Automatic Enrolment

Various changes have been implemented in the AE section of the program including:

  • Speed of report and output file creation improved
  • File creation screen now showing correct year
  • Pension information date is no longer removed on a re-run
  • Pension payments to be specified by payment dates in the selected range
  • NEST – correct treatment of Opt Out details
  • NEST – username/password over 10 characters was being truncated
  • Peoples Pension – Unique ID increased to 10 characters
  • Royal London – Joiner file now includes actual or estimated salary


  • OpenEnrol letters – if pensionable fund has Pensionable Earnings Pension type included it will now show correctly as a %
  • L2L3 letter was being sent too early if employee details edited.  Now only sent when deferral has ended.

Student Loans

The Student Loan Plan Type is now saving correctly against new employees.


For more information about Earnie Payroll and Auto Enrolment please call our sales team on 01594 545000 or email sales@farmplan.co.uk