Keeping your records up-to-date and accurate is essential for when you want to demonstrate compliance with cropping legislation and industry guidelines.

By Hannah Murnane, Customer Advisor

Hannah Murnane, Customer Advisor at Farmplan says, “Accurate record keeping is probably the single most important thing a farmer or grower needs to have in order to be able to demonstrate compliance with assurance schemes, Cross Compliance and LERAP for example. If an inspector should call, your records will be required to provide evidence of this compliance and to be interrogated as needed to ensure you are working within industry guidelines.

Gatekeeper cropping software is used by around 3,800 farmers and growers in approximately 7,000 sites throughout the UK, to enable them to keep their records organised and up-to-date. The software allows users to find information quickly, to produce clear and useful reports which can in turn be used to complete applications for accreditation, funding and assurance schemes.”

Check pesticide applications against legal use criteria

The software has access to a UK wide pesticide database, Sentinel, which offers a quick reference guide to the pesticides you’re using or intend to use. Hannah says, “This database is an invaluable tool to enable the user to quickly find information about the products they intend to use or are using including product and crop approvals, product guidance relating to label text and tank mixes (where available), expiring products listings, EAMUs and legislation; it also offers information on industry news, crop nutrition (NVZ rules, recommendations) plus recommended lists and technical updates provided by companies”

If the products you’re using require you to carry out a LERAP, you can do so easily with Gatekeeper. Using the Sentinel Active module, the software will highlight whether the proposed mix of products complies with legal limitations. The software also identifies products’ LERAP rating (none, A or B) and the percentage dose on B LERAP rated products to help you make better informed decisions, recording the necessary information for you along the way.

Plan activities e.g. spray and fertiliser applications

A useful feature of the software is the ability to plan activities such as spray applications, this provides not only a valuable record of what you have applied to your fields, you can also trace the products, how much has been applied and when. This can help you demonstrate compliance with NVZ for example, providing evidence of the products used and where.

You can create your own work plans via the planning module or import ready issued recommendations from your agronomist.

By being able to plan activities easily you can also appreciate the costs and other resources needed to undertake the work for example what machinery and implements are required, what manpower do you need and what products need to be ordered.

Calculate product requirements and utilise previous spatial data to forward plan

It is possible to base total product requirements and calculate potential orders needed by using previously entered or imported field records when forward planning, these can further be made more efficient when in conjunction with precision farming data such as spatial yield, soil analysis and sensor data as this will allow you to fine tune exact amounts whilst work planning for the year ahead i.e. the amount of fertiliser, you may need for any particular job.

The farm mapping software used in conjunction with the precision farming target and actual modules allows you to streamline the entire process by creating variable rate plans based on the previous job data to send directly to a controller in the cab for operators to complete the required jobs easily and then reimport back to the program thus completing the data entry process.

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What our customers say...

  • The software is easy to operate and shows you clearly what has been done and needs doing. Plus the costings are readily available so I can keep track of my spend in line with my budget. Being able to view up to date costs, applications and other information makes it a very flexible piece of software. All the information I need is in one place, together, along with cross compliance and NVZ checks.
    Tony Hogsbjerg Farm Manager Swinbrook Farm
  • We recently had an Assured Produce inspection and thanks to GateKeeper, we were able to produce the information that was required at a click of a button
    James Dyball Farmer
  • The farm mapping module is fantastic. By importing yield data, I have been able to make informed decisions, for example, identifying areas of the field that would be better suited to stewardship than farming
    Andrew Cragg Farmer Brooker Farm