Sentinel Online allows anyone with an interest in crop production to quickly find the information required to make key decisions in crop management. This comprehensive, up-to-date database is an invaluable resource which you will refer to again and again.

Whether you wish to check the best product to apply to your crop or verify the contents of your chemical store, Sentinel can provide the information you need. Updated regularly, Sentinel is essential to your pesticide management.

With features including:

  • The Pesticide Database
  • Library
  • Decision support including crop nutrition, NVZ rules and recommendations,
  • Technical updates from companies including Bayer Crop Science, John Deere and Nufarm UK
  • Weeds, pests and disease identification information
  • Diary Dates i.e. cross compliance dates and deadlines

The Pesticide Database

With two key sections: Product and Approvals you can find all the information you need, simply and quickly.


This contains information for registered and expired pesticide approvals. For example, information stored for each pesticide includes;

Product Information

  • MAPP Number
  • Last approval expiry date
  • Active ingredient
  • Precautions
  • Hazard ratings
  • Lerap

Approval details

For each product, information is stored for approved crops:

  • Rate (Maximum, Max total dose)
  • Interval (harvest, application)
  • Timing (Earliest or latest growth stage +/- date)
  • Expiry date for each approval
  • EAMU
  • Other comments such as water volumes, other margin restrictions.


The Library

A highly useful repository of reference which you will return to again and again. Topics include:


  • HSE information
  • Contact information


  • RB209 Recommendations
  • Crop Nutrients
  • Organic Manures
  • NVZ regulations
  • Crop Nutrient removals


  • Pest, Weed, Disease identification
  • Conversion factors
  • Calibration information

Seed and varieties

  • HGCA recommended lists
  • Seed rates
  • Royalty rates


Sentinel is the information base for the Gatekeeper module Sentinel Active, an indispensable decision support tool providing detailed crop approval information and real-time/instant verification for all UK pesticides.

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