“We found Gatekeeper intuitive. It’s easy to use and, if you ever need help, the support is excellent. The more you use the software, the more you get out of it. It’s an essential asset.” – Doug McCowan, Estate Manager at Harnage Estates

Improve your yield with data-driven decisions

Gatekeeper software, from Farmplan, can help you record, manage and analyse this essential data to enable you to derive real meaning and make informed decisions.

With Gatekeeper, you can identify how best to increase your farm production by discovering which areas of your land are actually profitable to crop. Using mapping tools, data and your everyday crop records together in Gatekeeper software will enable you to build a picture of overall crop performance and cost of production.

  • Yield and crop records in one system for ease
  • Clear cost of production and analysis
  • Flexible tools for managing variable rate plans

Check out Gatekeeper in action

How can Gatekeeper help you?

  • Understand crop performance from valuable and accurate yield data to make better decisions

  • View and compare yield alongside other maps such as sampling, zone, crop sensor, gross margin and historic farm maps to understand trends

  • Empower operators by streamlining recording processes and providing vital field and task information during this key time

Make more profitable decisions about the future of your business

with easily-accessible data, streamlined processes and powerful forward planning tools.