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Budgeting for spring cropping

Farmplan spoke to a number of customers at the recent LAMMA show and this highlighted the fact that many growers are needing to budget now more than ever. With the predicted area of winter crops planted down an average of 15% in the UK, the area of spring barley, oats, and pulses areas are anticipated to rise sharply in 2020 by 28%, 10% and 24% respectively (AHDB News). It will be increasingly important to budget with predicted tighter margins this season.

With the Gatekeeper Budgets module, you can face these challenges with more clarity and put yourself back in control. Commodity prices can be easily adjusted for price fluctuations to show ‘what if’ scenarios. You can link your budgets to field recordings, work plans and recommendations, enabling users to simply put planned budgets into action. You can even start budgeting for next season, allowing you to buy and sell with more clarity.

Good farm budgeting not only lets you address challenges when the season throws a spanner in the works, but also allows you to make the most of opportunities that can drive your farm business forward.

Drive your cropping records from the field

Did you know you can have your spray records and work plans on your phone and tablet?

Arable farm offices spend an average of £200 per year on printing work plans and manually inputting the data back into Gatekeeper. Your valuable time could be better used on more profitable activities.

The Gatekeeper Web Grower module is the quickest and easiest way to ensure your stock & field records are kept accurate.

Four Gatekeeper features to help you

Just like the UK, Ireland has experienced a very tricky and tough autumn period. Incessant rainfall has left the current situation of winter cereal planting back by anything from 10% to 50% depending on location, an estimated 20-30% of the potato harvest remaining in the ground, and near nightmare conditions for vegetable harvesting.

Click below for some expert advice from our Irish representative John Mahon, as he discusses how a range of features with your Gatekeeper software can help you prepare for the season ahead.

Read more here

Interested in the latest technology?

Did you know that Farmplan sell Apple iPads? Tell us the specification of the iPad you want and we guarantee to be cheaper than Apple.*

*Correct as of 1st February 2020


Explore our tablet range

How to put data to good use using margin maps in Gatekeeper

Visit almost any UK farming business and most tractor units will be equipped with GPS controllers capable of variable application of seed and fertiliser. Along with yield monitors on combines, there is plenty of data to capture. But, what to do with it all?

Well, as the very definition of data suggests – collect it, examine it, consider it and use it. Our Gatekeeper software can help you every step of the way.

Training - new for 2020

Our Tier 1 (up to three hours on-site) training session now includes a one-hour remote training session, and our Tier 2 (up to five hours) training session can now be split between remote and on-site training, giving you the ultimate flexibility with your training needs.

Remote training is also a great way to brush up on specific modules, such as mapping and budgeting, and is available from just £60 per hour.

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