COVID-19 – Be in the know with email protection

The overwhelming amount of news coverage surrounding the coronavirus outbreak has created a new danger — phishing attacks looking to exploit public fears about the virus. Scammers and hackers are looking to take advantage of the global pandemic with unsolicited emails posing as if sent from a trustworthy user or organisation.

How does it work?

Cybercriminals send emails claiming to be from legitimate organisations with information about coronavirus. They might be written in a way to elicit an emotional response from the receiver, persuading you to give out personal or corporate details. Below is an example:

The email messages might ask you to open an attachment to see the latest statistics. If you click on the attachment or embedded link, you’re likely to download malicious software onto your device.

These phishing emails, if not dealt with properly, can end up stealing your personal information, passwords, identities, and even sensitive company information. They can also download software that obtains private documents and holds them hostage for monetary gain (also known as ransomware).

Malware, for short, could allow cybercriminals to take control of your computer, log your keystrokes, or access your personal information and financial data, which could lead to identity theft.

COVID-19 has affected the lives of millions of people around the world and it’s impossible to predict its long-term impact. However, it is possible to take steps to help protect yourself against coronavirus-related scams.

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