Discover the benefits of recording cattle and sire data

Join our webinar on Thursday 28th May at 7pm to learn more

Carcase attributes Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) are available to help commercial farmers choose a bull based on the attributes that will affect profitability, such as carcase quality and speed of finishing. However, this information can only be generated if the ear tag number of the sire is recorded when registering a calf with BCMS.

At Farmplan we provide a range of software packages to help manage livestock data effectively and efficiently, allowing you to generate reports for farm inspections by DEFRA, Trading Standards and Farm Assurance Schemes in just a few simple steps.

For this webinar, we have teamed up with Datamars Livestock Identification.

Datamars offer a comprehensive range of tagging solutions providing high retention, reliable EID readability and visual colour identification for both Official and Non-Official tags. The harnessing of data is made simple to measure, improving productivity and quality of life for their customers and their livestock.

  • Scott Millar

  • Alison Fergus

  • Ian Norbury

  • Alex Brown

Discover the benefits of recording cattle and sire data and find out how AHDB are encouraging the industry with their #Shoutaboutthesire campaign.