Business Manager 2017 is here!

The Business Manager spring software release offers customers new functionality, enhanced features and integration of electronic document scanning.

Sally Ashwell, Product Coordinator for Farmplan says, “We worked closely with our customers to help ensure our software meets the needs of the industry and is as easy to use as possible. We are pleased to bring the latest release of Business Manager to our customers this month and welcome any further feedback or comments.”

Business Manager is developed with farmers in mind, not only allowing users to work with their data in the standard financial year view but also based on the farming year. This allows greater flexibility and a better understanding of data and activity throughout the year. Read more about the features of Business Manager.

“I have been using Farmplan software for over 20 years and wouldn’t change, this is a package that makes sense. The accounts software is easy to use, logical and gets better after each update.  I have to produce many reports for Directors here at the estate and Farmplan software enables me to create the reports we need in the format required at the touch of button.”  J Renwick, Hungerford

Here are just a few of the new features and enhancements included in this release:

  • Graphs are now available, enabling users to visualise their data, to be able to view at-a-glance their cashflow, monthly profit and loss.
  • Budgets can now be copied over to the following year, making it easier to plan ahead using existing previous budgets.
  • Third party back up slots are now available free of charge for all Business Manager users. These back up slots are designed to enable a more streamline approach to sharing data with accountants and consultants in a secure cloud-based environment.
  • Electronic documents such as invoices, can now be linked to transactions providing users with a more complete record of activity in one place.
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