Our sales order processing software is designed specifically to help agricultural and rural businesses to manage sales orders and invoices.

Accurately track, monitor and analyse your sales from initial order through to despatch and the final sales invoice.

Manage products and price lists, keep track of orders, produce sales invoices and deal with returns and credit notes.

Generate professional documents complete with your own logo and save time by reducing manual processes such as repeat manual entry.

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Key features

  • Sales documents

    Produce sales orders, despatch notes, returns, invoices and credit notes. Customise documents for your company including logos, colours and messages

  • Customer records

    Maintain customer details so that you can access information quickly. Keep records of contacts, invoice addresses and multiple delivery addresses

  • Products & prices

    Store details including description, category, variety, unit and pack details. Keep standard price lists as well as custom price lists

  • Orders & stock

    Track the status from initial order through to despatch and keep on top of invoicing. Quickly reconcile stocks to see availability for committed orders

Which software package?

  • Invoice Manager

    Manage the invoice process, produce professional sales invoices and store valuable information about customers, products and services

  • Sales Order Processing

    Includes everything in Invoice Manager plus the ability to track the whole process from orders through to despatch and invoice

  • Integration

    The invoicing and sales order processing software integrates with Farmplan accounts software to minimise data entry

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    We can advise you on which package is best for you

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