Our payroll software is designed to make it easy for you to administer the payroll on your farm or land-based business.

It helps you manage your payroll records, run the payroll and meet your statutory payroll requirements.

The software automatically performs pay related calculations so you don’t need to worry about doing it manually.

You can adjust hours worked by each employee and set different rates for standard pay, overtime and weekend working.

The software calculates tax and National Insurance and makes adjustments for statutory sick pay (SSP), maternity pay (SMP), pensions and bonuses.

With pension reforms now impacting many agricultural businesses, ensure you are compliant with the demands of auto enrolment, with the specialist Earnie module and simplify the staging process.

The software also guides you through the Real Time Information process, calculates how much you need to pay HMRC each month and produces P60 forms for your employees at the end of the year.

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Key features

  • Hours & rates

    Record hours worked by each employee. Set different rates for standard pay, overtime and weekend working

  • Pay

    Calculates tax and NI. Makes statutory sick pay, maternity pay, pension and bonus adjustments

  • Workplace pensions

    Option to assess employees, calculate pension contributions and make payslips available online. Specialist auto enrolment module also available

  • HMRC requirements

    Calculates payments due to HMRC each month and guides you through Real Time Information (RTI) submission

  • Statutory documents

    Generate required documents, including payslips, P60s, P45s and other useful reports for the business

Watch Earnie Payroll in action

Watch our short demo of Earnie Payroll software.

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Which software package?

  • Earnie 5

    Suitable for businesses which cater for up to five employees and three companies. Single user

  • Earnie Intro

    Suitable for up to 30 employees and one company. Option to add extra companies. Single user

  • Earnie Business

    Suitable for up to 100 employees and five companies. Option to add extra companies. Single user

  • Earnie Executive

    Suitable for up to 500 employees and 50 companies. Option to add extra companies. Multi user