What do real farmers think of accounts software?

In April 2018 Farmers Weekly asked their readers to feedback their views on accounts software

They asked farms of all types, including arable, beef and dairy

And of all sizes, from more than 1000ha to less than 100

Respondents reported using a range of software packages (and some were using no software at all)

72% of farmers believed that farm businesses needed specialist accounts software

78% believed that support and sales staff should have knowledge of the agricultural sector

However, only Farmplan was found to understand the challenges facing the agricultural sector

And when asked to rate the quality of customer service, Farmplan came out on top again

Survey respondents reported that Farmplan was easier to use than Sage

and when asked how essential the software was to their business management, Farmplan came out top again

and finally, when asked whether survey respondents felt “valued as a customer”, this is what they said…