Join thousands of farms and estates in using our accounts software to manage business finances effectively.

We offer a range of accounts software packages catering for basic entry level through to detailed trial balance for complex farm and estate accounts.

The software is different from many generic accounts programs because it is designed specifically for farms, estates and rural businesses.

It uses agricultural terminology, recognising the difference between accounting and farming years.

It understands the importance of cashflows and budgeting in the farming industry and produces detailed management reports.

You can use it to manage records such as VAT, cashflow, payments and receipts; track sales and purchase ledgers; and perform quick and easy bank reconciliation.

Straight forward and intuitive to use, our business and accounts solutions are available for professionals from accountants to mobile farm secretaries and consultants.

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Key features

  • Cashbook

    Enter cash analysis payments/receipts, claim VAT on invoices and track bank and petty cash accounts

  • Bank reconciliation

    Check off records on your bank statement to get an up-to-date view of your accounts

  • Cashflow

    Compare budgeted and actual cashflow and view accounts by period

  • Stocks inspector

    Record and view detailed movements of stores and enterprise stocks

  • Monitor & record

    Monitor enterprise performance and analyse income and expenditure

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What our customers say...

  • It's easy to use, saves me time - going back to manual records would be horrendous. It keeps everything organised and I can report on pretty much anything at the touch of a button
    Fiona Ives Farm Secretary
  • The software is really easy to use, very logical processes. When entering a breakdown of a sales invoice you can use negative contras so that the VAT is treated correctly
    Ben Kilby IT Whiting & Partners
  • Inputting purchases and sales weekly enables me to have good control of cash flow and VAT. The facility to email sales invoices and statements straight from the program saves time and expense
    Jenny Pine Secretary Shimpling Park Farms Ltd