Microsoft Windows 11 – what does it mean for Farmplan customers?

From 5 October 2021 onwards Microsoft have announced that all new equipment will come pre-installed with Windows 11.  To ensure we at Farmplan are providing customers the very latest products and software, all Windows PC’s we supply will also come with Windows 11 and programs across our Cropping, Livestock, Business & Accounts, Hardware and Training portfolios will support this new version.

Windows 11 will offer users a clean new design with a central start menu and taskbar.  Working from home will become easier with video conferencing and group chat solution Microsoft Teams integrated directly into Windows 11.  In addition, Windows 11 will allow users to install and run Android apps directly within the Windows desktop. The Android apps will be integrated into a redesigned Windows Store.

Although Windows 11 will be offered as a free upgrade to eligible Windows 10 PC’s, Microsoft have stipulated strict security and specification requirements for the upgrade.  Generally speaking equipment purchased prior to 2018 will not be permitted to upgrade.  You can find out more information on Windows 11 on the official Microsoft web page here

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