Putting yield maps to good use

Yield data is plentiful as guidance technology has become almost common place in the arable sector, yield mapping is gaining a similar level of acceptance too. However in many cases there remains a large gap between combines fitted with yield monitors and the data that’s brought in to the office and interrogated.

Yield maps can offer insight into what’s happening and more growers are realising the benefits of this valuable information when combined with agronomic and local knowledge to aid decision making.

Adam Joslin, Gatekeeper Software Specialist says, “it’s true, yield data can be a key influencer in management decisions, and the longer period you collect it over the more reliable it is. Gatekeeper software has always been at the forefront of compatibility and can import yield data across a whole range of manufacturers. Plus provide correction and analysis of the raw data to help you make more of this information.

I was with a client recently, who was in the middle of submitting a new stewardship agreement. How do to decide what areas are better out of production? Yield information can support these decisions and more.”

Plus, the returns for growers that adopt a variable input system based on yields will not just be the monetary benefits of reduced inputs, less fuel and maintenance on the machines and reduced operator time but also environmental benefits on the soil and wildlife.

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