A-MAZE-ing Diversification Project

Becky Roper at Flanesford Priory explains more about their latest diversification project and how it has benefited their business.

Gatekeeper, Farmplan’s crop management software, is designed to enhance understanding of crop performance, helping farmers to improve yields and make informed decisions… or is it? For some farmers across the UK, Gatekeeper has become a useful tool for something a little different!

With Gatekeeper’s mapping and precision farming capabilities, the software can digitalise a maze layout in relation to the field it will be drilled in to. Via plot points and geo-referencing the maze artwork, the design of the maize maze can be converted into a data boundary, which can then be interpreted by a number of the industries in-cab control terminals.

Our team have been busy working with some of our customers to bring a range of artistic layouts to life recently.

Watch the below video to find out more about Flanesford Priory’s latest diversification project.

Maize Maze

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