Getting started with budgets and setting targets for growth with Gatekeeper

On 18th November members of the Farmplan team hosted a free to attend webinar which focused on budgeting within Gatekeeper software.

The webinar touched on the value of budgeting well in a fluctuating industry. With market prices climbing for fertilisers, ELMs applications, incomes being challenged by the weather, Brexit and Covid and BPS end of life on the horizon, the question is why wouldn’t you want to make the use of budgeting and planning tools to support your business decisions?

The session covered some of these key points:

  • How can Gatekeeper help you manage budgets and understand your position?
  • Budgets are easy to set up in Gatekeeper using historical data
  • Create scenarios and compare them to help support decision making – what will be the impact on your margins or profitability?
  • Help explore the value of potential enterprises and diversification projects
  • Have your workplans and product requirements prepared in advance – enabling you to plan ahead and buy in the stock/materials needed
  • Monitor your cash flow, offering a level of granularity beyond just general cash flow
  • Predicting the future

If you’d like to watch the recording to find out more please click here or on the image right >>

Please note: You will need Gatekeeper software to operate the Budgets module specifically designed for arable budgeting/planning. Ask our sales team today for more details on the set up and to discuss your requirements.