Farmplan Business Cloud now offers tools to improve cost-savings for customers

  • Latest update allows farmers to easily keep track of their costs, as well as analyse key trends and wider commercial performance
  • Access to commercial data has never been more critical for farmers

Farmplan, part of Proagrica, has today announced a new enhancement to Farmplan Business Cloud to expand the management information which can be recorded and reported on in Farmplan Business Cloud.

In the current economic climate where commercial margins are under pressure, it has never been more important for customers to be able to access critical quantities and pricing information.

In addition to being able to enter quantity and price against all purchase and sales invoices, farmers who use Farmplan Business Cloud will now have the ability to record quantities and prices within all data entry screens. They can also drill down on these details or export them for more detailed analysis of trends. This latest feature promises both clarity and opportunities for cost-saving, in a straightforward format.

Farmplan, part of Proagrica is made up of agricultural experts, and is renowned for its hands-on, timely customer care. This update is the latest effort to provide additional benefits to existing customers and crucially, facilitate those moving to the cloud from desktop platforms.

Anne Cianchi, Product Manager, commented:

“With this enhancement, farmers can now easily keep track of their costs, as well as trends and performance. In fact, quantities can be recorded in all data entry screens, including journals/adjustments, which many other comparable packages simply do not do. By keeping track of quantities used and unit prices paid it is possible to anticipate the impact on the business of future price changes. In essence it means farmers can make informed business decisions going forward based on tangible figures, which in the current economic climate is more crucial than ever.”

According to our survey, 33% of respondents have already started utilizing the new feature for recording quantities, with a significant 70% of those rating the enhancement with an impressive 4 or 5 out of 5. This upgrade has been highly regarded for its ability to offer a much-appreciated level of detail in reporting and pricing, ultimately leading to improved accuracy in cost attribution and simplified reporting processes. Users have expressed their satisfaction with the latest release, as it allows them to effectively monitor price changes, track stock levels, and determine average unit price.

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