The UK’s most popular crop
management solution.

For growers of all sizes.

Who is it for?

Complete crop recording and field management solutions for growers of all sizes, agronomists and consultants. 40% of the UK’s arable land is supported by Farmplan’s cropping software.


Large, medium and small


Consultants and Service Providers


Large, complex and diversified

Key benefits

Be more

Simple, quick and accurate field recording. Have easy access to the essential data that shows you how to optimise performance.


A single, powerful hub for precision farming activities. Fully compatible with leading third-party tools.

Improve profits

Maximise the value of your farm data and make well-informed decisions for the benefit of your farm enterprise.

Explore our cropping solutions

From the most complex horticultural enterprise to broad-acre arable, choose a solution from Farmplan’s Gatekeeper range to suit any type of farming enterprise.


From essential crop compliance, traceability and reporting through to precision farming and more, Gatekeeper software has the capability to manage all your cropping activities in one place.

Gatekeeper Cloud

Set up a farm and plot fields in just a few minutes, manage stock in real-time, generate a host of reports, as well as improve connectivity with agronomists. This cloud-based solution is ideal for those wanting basic records with simple set-up.

Gatekeeper Agronomist

Streamline communication between agronomist and grower. Produce detailed, clear, compliant, professional recommendations and reports for your clients in just a few clicks.

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Trusted by farmers across the UK, managing over 1 million animal records

Who is it for?

Whatever the type and size of your farm, utilise Farmplan’s software to plan productively, assess your herd performance and make sound cattle management decisions relating to farm profitability.

Beef cattle

Key benefits

Stay Compliant

Accurate, quick and risk free compliance reporting. Always know the status of your herd.

Improve Performance

Have access to the information that you need to make the most profitable decisions about the future of your herd.

Quality assurance

Stay compliant with quality assurance beef efficiency systems at the touch of a button.

Explore our livestock products

For any size beef cattle enterprise, recording daily actions as well as planning movements, sales herd health and breeding, choose from Farmplan’s range of software packages to help you manage your livestock effectively and efficiently.

Cattle Focus

An ideal tool for basic herd management to meet compliance requirements. Producing a herd report, Med Book and essential records for inspection.

Cattle Manager

Looking to monitor herd performance and manage breeding? Cattle Manager offers you the next step in animal management, record details such as progeny, ease of calving, costs and treatments. With all this information at your fingertips you can create meaningful reports aiding decision making across the herd.

Cattle Manager Go App

NEW Cattle Manager Go app, the perfect companion to Farmplan’s Cattle Manager and Livestock Manager programs. Now you can access and record your herd information from anywhere on your farm, even if you have no signal.

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Built for agriculture, built for your farming future

Manage your business effectively and efficiently

Who is it for?

From the UK’s largest estates and most diversified enterprises to fourth generation family farms, Farmplan offers an accounts solution for businesses of all sizes.

Farms, estates and rural businesses

Farm Secretaries and Administrators

Accountants and Business Advisors

Key benefits


Ideal for any size or type of farming enterprise, from farms, estates and rural businesses.


Easily manage every day cashflow, budgets and performance with integrated management tools.

Seamless Collaboration

Share information safely and quickly with your accountant or business advisor, and report on profitability.

Explore our Business & Accounts solutions

Whether you’re a farmer, farm manager, accountant or farm secretary, Farmplan’s accounts software is designed around you.

Farmplan Business Cloud

Created by agricultural specialists, trusted by the agricultural community. This cloud accounting software package has been specifically designed for the agricultural community, helping you to work with real-time financial insight and automate time-consuming, manual transactions.


Helps you manage your payroll records, run the payroll and meet your statutory payroll requirements.

The legalities of payroll are built in to our intelligent, easy to use programs which automatically generate statutory pay documents.

It’s simple to use and can save you time. Generate payslips for employees, month end reports for HMRC and more.

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Contact our experienced team to identify the right tools
and training for your business.

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