Data & Tech Sessions: Streamline processes with integrated invoice and receipt management

As part of our Data & Tech Series we’re exploring how the integration of tools within Farmplan software can help you save time, streamline your processes and ultimately reduce data entry/management errors.

Using tools that help save you time and reduce the chance of errors are valuable on farm, whether you’re working with livestock, crops or diversified enterprises such as holiday lets or food production. Farmplan’s Business Manager has been the ‘go-to’ choice in farm accounts management for many years now, it’s one of the key tools farmers, administrative staff and rural enterprise owners turn to time and again because of its functionality and adaptability to the sector.

Sally Ashwell, Development Support Manager at Farmplan says, “One of the ways we’ve been able to add some additional value and functionality for our customers is through integration with third-party tools such as Receipt Bank (Dext) and AutoEntry, to enable users to work more efficiently with their business records and save themselves time in the process.”

What are AutoEntry and Dext (formerly known as Receipt Bank)?

Both are 3rd party cloud based applications that capture the data from your invoices and receipts by capturing them using your mobile phone or from emails and stored documents.  You categorize them and then publish them through to your accounting software or share with your accountant. This removes the hassle of manual data entry.  They differ slightly in the way that they work and their pricing policies but both integrate with Farmplan’s Business Manager to save time and improve accuracy of data entry.

Harriet Green of Larking Gowen Accountants has been using Receipt Bank integration for some time now, “I have loved the ease of using it and the speed in which you can upload invoices. The ability to look back on invoices at the click of a button is a great time saver, cutting down the preparation time of manual entry tools and also the need to sift through folders of paper records.

You can review an invoice and calculate capital expenditure or tax within minutes, but I particularly like it’s efficiency when a client calls with a query, such as “what was the total of my last fuel bill” and it’s resolved in seconds, rather than having to call the client back with the answer.

The Receipt Bank integration has even helped work with Covid restrictions and save clients hours of purging information at the end of the quarter ready for us to submit VAT, as some have been setting aside just a few minutes to photograph and upload invoices as they arrive in the post, for us to import into their accounts. A practise I suspect that they’ll continue with well beyond Covid.”

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