Data & Tech Series: Buying Group members benefit from ‘hook up’ with Farmplan’s Business Manager

As part of our Data & Tech Series we explore the integration Farmplan Business Manager offers you in partnership with Buying Groups including Anglia Farmers, North Herts Farmers and Fram Farmers.

“Being able to streamline processes and save time is key for busy farm offices, one area the Farmplan team are always working on is identifying ways in which by working with partners like AF, NHF and Fram, we can offer these benefits and more with simple integrations. Unlocking value for our customers, building relationships and the capability of the software to meet the ever-changing needs of the farming sector when it comes to data management”, says Sally Ashwell, Development Support Manager.

The Anglia Farmers eAccounts and Farmplan Business Manager import still remains the easiest and quickest solution for downloading Anglia Farmers invoices into accounts software currently available on the market. Users continue to benefit from this valuable feature and ongoing support for no additional charge.

With just under 350 members now using this link with eAccounts, we spoke to a few to find out if key benefits such as saving time and improved accounting accuracy are truly being achieved.

Unique to eAccounts and Farmplan is the ability to press a button in any Anglia Farmers transaction and it will open the original invoice image, without the need to store a copy on your computer.

“The link is fantastic, as it brings in all the transaction detail, with quantity, price, pack sizes and even machinery part no’s if they are on the invoice, so it saves a lot of time and means that I can maintain in depth records in my Farmplan accounts. My farmers are very impressed if they ask to see an invoice for any reason, as this could have taken up to half an hour before, looking through filing cabinets and cross referencing detail, but now it takes seconds, as a click of a button in the Farmplan transaction record brings up the original invoice image”.
Marion Barnes, Farm secretary Norfolk.

Farmplan then went on to unveil new functionality in the 2020 release of Business Manager which enables users to import all the detail from their North Herts Farmers bi-monthly invoice be imported in just a few clicks. Helping save time and room for error with minimal manual input required.

James Williams, North Herts Farmers says, “We are really excited to be working with Farmplan to provide this facility for members. The North Herts Farmers administration is an extension of our members administration so if we can minimise the amount of extra work and duplicate entry that our members are having to do then that’s a huge benefit.

“We already have members who have been using the system and are really enjoying the ability to import their data. Its quicker, easier and almost completely removes the chances for human error.

“We plan to keep working with Farmplan to develop this further and for the facility to be even more valuable to our mutual members/clients. If members would like to receive their data upload electronically then please get in touch.”

The import into Business Manager from any of these Buying Groups tools is a simple function activation and is fully supported by Farmplan’s dedicated Software Services Team.

If you want to find out more about either of these imports solutions please contact Farmplan Sales on 01594 545000 or email sales@farmplan.test.


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