» Keep essential field records

Keep all your essential field records organised with Gatekeeper, including your nutrient management plans and harvest details. The software also enables you to produce an NVZ report and keep a record of soil analysis reports.

» Manage field operations

Use Gatekeeper software to plan jobs and generate workplans including calculating how much product you need for a job and instructions for application.

» Financial analysis with Gatekeeper

The software also enables you to monitor crop performance and generate gross and net margin analysis reports to help you evaluate crop success. You can also compare input costs and monitor trends over a number of years.

» UK pesticide database

Access up-to-date and useful information relating to the use of pesticides in the UK. Sentinal Active enables you to cross check details of products before you purchase or use on a field or crop, to help you comply with legal use criteria.

» Integration with devices

Gatekeeper software is compatible with a range of on-board devices which enables you to transfer information to and from a device via an additional module. This can be of benefit when adopting a precision farming approach, data can be used to produce yield maps for example.


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  • We recently had an Assured Produce inspection and thanks to Gatekeeper, we were able to produce the information that was required at a click of a button
    James Dyball Farmer
  • The farm mapping module is fantastic. By importing yield data, I have been able to make informed decisions, for example, identifying areas of the field that would be better suited to stewardship than farming
    Andrew Cragg Farmer Brooker Farm
  • Gatekeeper is an immensely powerful software package. Identify what's important for you and get it set up right from the start so that it will do the essentials, then add on refinements. You'll be impressed with what it can do
    Brian Smith Farm Consultant Moore Allen & Innocent