Beef Efficiency Scheme to benefits suckler herds in Scotland

For many farmers key performance indicators (KPI’s) are an essential part of everyday herd management but for Scottish suckler herds the Beef Efficiency scheme offers farmers an opportunity to become more sustainable and financial incentive.

One key benefit of managing your herd to improve efficiency is the knock-on opportunity to improve profitability alongside animal health, on-farm efficiency and practices. Sally Ashwell, Product Coordinator at Farmplan says, “Its good practice to keep records about your cattle to meet legal requirements, but in so doing you have the opportunity to learn more about how your herd is performing. For those farming in Scotland, a new scheme is doing just this. Helping farmers to participate and record information about their suckler herds in order to understand how they are performing and in turn help guide future practices.”

The Scottish Beef Efficiency Scheme (BES) was launched in 2017 and requires a five-year commitment from participants. The scheme aims to contribute to a range of improvements focusing on cattle genetics and management practice on-farm. “The objective of the scheme is to assist in the development of your suckler herd to become as efficient as possible. Increasing efficiency will reduce the emissions from beef production and also improve overall herd profitability making your herd more sustainable both economically and environmentally.”1

Farmers have the opportunity to contribute by recording information such as weight-gain, feed and nutrition and health status for their animals.
“The full impact of the Scheme will not be realised for several years. We would expect the principal impacts to be improved genetic selection in respect of growth rates, feed conversion, maternal behaviour, nutrition practice and disease resistance. Importantly, these improvements will all be cumulative.”

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