Auto Enrolment Blog: No Excuses for auto enrolment mistakes

In a statement from the Pensions Regulator recently, it was reported that being ill or short-staffed isn’t a good enough excuse for your clients failing to comply with their legal duties.

In the Pensions Regulators latest compliance and enforcement report it was shown that the number of small and micro employers receiving fines has risen after tribunal judges rejected what the employers claimed were ‘reasonable excuses’

“As with any other business activity, if an employer is too unwell to complete their AE duties, they’ll need to find someone else who can. Automatic enrolment is ultimately the employer’s legal responsibility, so whether it’s due to pension provider failings or illness, a judge won’t consider an excuse to be ‘reasonable’, if there’s something they or someone else could have done to remedy the situation in time.”

Make sure you don’t fall into this trap, be prepared for auto enrolment and avoid penalties.

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Not sure what auto enrolment is or whether it affects you?
It’s essential that you understand your responsibilities as an employer in relation to auto enrolment, visit the Pension Regulator online today to find out more.