AutoEnrolment Blog: 9 Employer Responsibilties

What are your Auto Enrolment responsibilities as an employer?

  1. Know your staging date
    Staging date is based on the PAYE data provided to The Pensions Regulator (TPR) by HMRC on 1st April 2012 – employers will then be contacted by TPR 12-18 months before their staging date and then again 3 months before their staging date.
  2. Define your automatic enrolment plan
    How will your company prepare? Leading industry experts advise beginning this process 12 months before your staging date.
  3. Choose how your automatic enrolment process will be managed
    What type of solution will you choose? Manual? Middleware? Payroll or HR system compatible?
  4. Assess your workforce for eligibility
    You will need to do this every pay period after you’ve staged.
  5. Review your current pension arrangements
    Does your current pension qualify? Don’t assume it does.
  6. Communicate the changes to all your workers
    Earnie Auto Enrolment suite can help you communicate these changes smoothly to your workforce with emails and letters.
  7. Automatically enrol your eligible jobholders
    Employees must be automatically enrolled on a scheme when they fit the eligible criteria. This must be assessed and reassessed every pay period for eligibility changes in your workforce.
  8. Register with The Pensions Regulator and maintain records
    Records must be maintained for 6 years.
  9. Contribute to your workers’ pensions
    The minimum contributions are being phased in from 2% from October 2012 growing to 8% from October 2018.

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