We develop comprehensive farm management software to help you transform the way you work:

We have been transforming the way our customers work for almost 50 years; from farm management tools that ran on the world’s first highly successful mass-produced microcomputers of the 1970s, to the comprehensive cloud and desktop tools of today.

We are passionate about helping our customers improve productivity, profitability and sustainability whilst creating a better everyday life for farmers.

Read the 6 ways we help you to transform your business below, download our handy guide, or get in touch with our team to learn more.

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6 ways we help to transform the way your business works

Building business strength

Across the world, there is a drive towards improved farming systems that contribute to more sustainable food chains. Farms and rural businesses not only need to keep records to comply with legislation, they need to track and report on inputs and outputs, analyse performance and identify ways to increase profitability.

Farmplan delivers market-leading digital tools that meets these challenges, offering the opportunity for farms to adapt in these changing times. Farmplan supports farms to adjust their business as necessary, so they can, not just survive, but thrive in the years to come.

Creating visible farm data

Complete visibility of your farm’s data is the best way to ensure everything runs as it should and you get the best results possible. Lack of visibility results in inefficient processes, delayed actions, and ultimately costly mistakes.

Farm businesses can – and should – have a complete overview of their data and know how they are performing at all times. Farmplan helps you to both further your own objectives and drive a better experience when dealing with business partners.

Improving efficiency

More efficient operations mean increased productivity and better returns. Farmplan offers better handling of your data and an end to human error – and the financial costs and wasted time that arises from it.

Automating your business frees up time and resources, helping to relieve pressure and improve your output in both the long- and short-term.

Enabling traceability

Farmers, like all other businesses must demonstrate that they are complying with legislation and are meeting customer requirements.

Complete traceability is the answer, while also keeping you in control of your business. Being able to demonstrate provenance and meet the expectations of buyers and end users is becoming increasingly important for UK farms. 

Farmplan gives you the ability to see where products originate, what actions supply chain partners have taken, what treatments and chemicals have been applied to what field, when, and in what volume.

Managing performance through sharing data

Agricultural businesses want to increase collaboration between one another, developing closer relationships across the supply chain.

Farmers and growers want to generate valuable and actionable insight from their data which helps them enhance yield, and their bottom line. In particular, they want to share their data with trusted partners – including agronomists, advisors, accountants and business partners – without stress or questions of security.

Farmplan doesn’t just make greater collaboration possible, it makes it simple.

Enabling compliance

How do you know you’re meeting regulatory standards – or, if you are, how can this be easily demonstrated? Farmplan helps your business maintain high standards and the ability to easily demonstrate that you’re doing so, backed by instantly accessible and verifiable data records.

Ensuring compliance doesn’t just mean maintaining your farm’s high standards in a world where that’s becoming more and more important. It’s about strengthening your farm’s position and demonstrating that the trust and loyalty from your business partners is well-placed.

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