2015 Property Manager now available

The latest release of Property Manager from Farmplan brings exciting new features and tools to help you manage your property portfolio.

Farmplan’s Property Manager is used by farmers and estate managers to have a comprehensive property management record keeping system, enabling them to stay compliant with industry regulations and monitor tenancies, maintenance schedules and rental income with ease.

Sally Ashwell, Product Coordinator at Farmplan says, “Our Property Manager program is an invaluable tool for the many landlords using our software. The program is designed to help users keep track of rent reviews, issue demands, keep up to date with insurance and inspections, monitor work schedules and remember important dates and deadlines.”

“The latest release of the software offers users some additional features to improve their processes and streamline data management.”

Some of the new features include:

  • Assignees -extra information against each assignee including telephone numbers and up to 5 additional fields
  • Assignor –  who has authorised a task/review it as well as who it has been assigned to
  • Landlord/Estates – extra fields to add bank details/agents commission and a salutation name
  • Tasks can now be sent to assignees via email and a task created in Outlook
  • Tasks – additional field for reference number
  • Tasks – can be repeated based on planned due date or completion date.
  • Tenants – save time by copying the property address into the new tenant record
  • Tenants – multiple contacts and multiple email addresses
  • Sales invoices – different customisable layout from the rent demands if required
  • Additional Items/Sales Invoices – Show opening and closing meter readings on sales invoices with up to 3 decimal places
  • Demands –  any anomalies within the date range are now marked with a code rather than a * , along with the date and amount of the next review

Existing Property Manager customers can download the latest version from the Online Support Centre

For more information about our Property Manager program visit the product page alternatively call our sales team today for a free no obligation software demonstration, 01594 545000